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Young Music Makers (YMM)

Young Music Makers is an early childhood music and movement experience for children aged 6 months to 6 years and the adults who love them. Classes incorporate singing, movement, chanting, and instrumental play in an informal mixed-age environment.


Outreach – ISS

This is our Young Music Makers program for new Canadians who are staying temporarily at the Immigrant Services Society of B.C. See YMM for description.





Music Fundamentals / Instrument Discovery

This program focuses on the fundamentals of singing and drumming to set students on a path exploring the piano, marimba, guitar, bass, percussion, drum kit and voice. These classes introduce the concepts of playing and singing in a band, songwriting, and performing while providing students with an introduction to active music making in a fun, relevant and applicable way.


Outreach – Florence Nightingale

This is the only SoM class that caters to grade 1-5 kids, catching them at a highly receptive stage of self-expression. Capturing the hearts and minds of early elementary students, we offer them a fun experience of the joy to be had moving their bodies, singing and playing percussion, all before reaching grade 6!





Electronic Music

Learn to use various computer programs to create your own music and write songs. These classes explore elements of Hip Hop, EDM, R&B, pop, audio production, beat making, looping, turntablism and lyric writing, with a focus on genre’s that haven’t been imagined yet.



Explore the history of Hip Hop and learn how DJ culture has transformed turntables into an exciting instrument in its own right. Students will learn the techniques involved in creative turntabling and have opportunities to perform.



These are recreational choirs (grade 6/7, 8-10, 11/12) designed for singers of all levels of experience. Choir rehearses weekly, focusing on vocal technique, music theory, ear training, sectional harmony singing and performance practice. Learn music in a variety of genres and have opportunities throughout the year to perform in the community and for school related events.


CAN (Canucks Autism Network)

In partnership with the Canucks Autism Network, SoM offers group classes that focus on music fundamentals through voice, movement and percussion. Working with students to help them gain confidence exploring the intersection of musical and social skills, we nurture fun, community-based learning.





Instrument Discovery / Play in a Band

These classes focus on student choice of instrument such as piano, drum kit, bass, marimba and guitar, while exploring different styles and genres of music, learning some of their favourite songs and developing the skills they'll need to create original music. Study reinforces concepts of playing and singing in a band, songwriting, theory and performing.


Global Hip Hop

Global Hip Hop brings together various musical traditions from around the globe focusing on percussion and song, then mashing them together with hip hop styling. Explore drums, marimbas, turntables, drum machines, rap and song.


Samba Afro Drum Troupe

Anyone is welcome to join this fun, multi age, community based drumming group. While learning to play various percussion instruments you will discover the musical traditions, rhythms and energy of Brazil.


Latin Percussion Ensemble

This high-energy class focuses on the rhythms and music of Africa, Central and South America. Using marimbas, congas, djembes and more, students learn about different cultures, playing instruments from around the world while developing rhythmic confidence.


Sing In A Band

Singing in a band is an exciting and challenging role. Whether you want to sing lead or background vocals this class allows you to focus on getting to know the characteristics of your unique voice, song interpretation, vocal expression/projection, learning to hear and sing harmonies, choral balance, mic technique and performance confidence.


Musical Theatre

Learn and perform your favourite songs from popular Broadway shows and movies! The Musical Theatre class focuses on singing in harmony, expressing yourself, and performing on stage. We will meet weekly, with opportunities to share and perform throughout the school year. All levels are welcome - you just need a willingness to sing in a group and have fun!


Beginner Songwriter

Explore the craft and technique used to create your favourite songs! From pop and jazz, to classical and contemporary music, this class teaches you skills that will help you understand chord progressions, style, genre, the history of songwriting and song form. You’ll also learn to write your own lyrics, melodies and songs as you hone your skills as a musician. You will need some experience playing an instrument and be willing to sing.


Songwriter Showcase

Are you already writing your own songs? This class offers you a space to share your songs and musical ideas with others. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about what your fellow students are creating, what inspires them and ways to mutually communicate your song ideas to possible collaborators, bandmates and audiences.


Do It Yourself (DIY) Recording

Want to take your music to the next level? Learn the basics of arrangement, production, micing, recording and mixing while honing your skills playing in a band.


Movement For Musicians

Music makes us want to move. This class focuses on getting you comfortable in performance situations so that music making is more fun, complemented by physical expression and dance.


Music Portfolios

This course is designed for senior students and SoM alumni who are interested in developing new skills such as website development, photography and videography, music video production, branding, marketing and music technology fundamentals. Students will learn how to generate music scores, edit music videos, sell their music online, and build a website-based showcase portfolio.





Some Assembly Arts Society (RHYTAG)

This is SoM's 4th year supporting the musical elements featured in theatre productions by RHYTAG. RHYTAG is an award-winning youth theatre program that has engaged over 1,500 youth over the years, working together with artists to create, produce and perform original, thought-provoking plays. Each year students are inspired to collaborate on a new art work during a 6-month process that explores youth concerns and strengths, inventive ways of working with the art form, evolving artistic processes, and community building opportunities for youth and artists.


Tupper Nova/Tupper Alt (TAP)

Nova is a program for students in the Vancouver School District who are struggling with diverse mental health concerns and are unable to attend their neighbourhood school. In this program we use music as a tool for building trust and encouraging youth to enjoy themselves while participating in self expression. TAP is another Alt program providing fundamental music education during school hours for arts credit toward graduation. These classes create live remixes, working on material that is relevant to the students, using drums, percussion, piano, bass, guitar and technology.


Spectrum / West / Foundations / Streetfront / Whytecliff

In partnership with the Vancouver Alternative School District, we provide foundational music education during the school day for arts credits toward graduation. These classes play and create music that is relevant to the students, using drums, percussion, piano, bass, guitar and technology.


Peak House

Peak House is a voluntary, ten-week, live-in, treatment program for youth seeking freedom from problematic substance use. With this vulnerable demographic, self-expression forms the core objective of music making with Peakhouse. Through the exploration of songwriting and lyrics in particular, students and teachers collaborate to improve peace of mind and creative joy.






SoM Spring Break Camp focuses on songwriting, arrangement development and other formal elements of musical design. Students learn to take a creative idea from conception to completion as a group. In this week long program students workshop different components of the song and create a music video of the piece featuring a guest artist.



Summer Camp at SoM is intended to be an introduction for new students who will be joining the program in September. In these week long programs, new students spend time in small groups exploring all facets of offerings here at SoM. Instructors introduce instrument instruction, music technology, and musical design to see what sparks interest for our new students and to inform our program for the fall.





Ukulele Choir

The mighty ukulele is taking the world by storm and is turning up everywhere—including here at SoM! The Ukulele Choir is open to adults who like to sing and play this fun and entertaining little instrument. Students over 55 years of age can learn to strum, pick, read music and explore theory basics while singing their heart out in a choir setting. Diverse styles of music are covered—from nostalgia to the latest pop, from reggae to rock. The primary emphasis is having fun while making music together. There are classes for all levels--absolute beginners, novice & intermediates.