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Music Education is a Priority


SoM is a high quality community music program offering lessons at no cost for over 1000 students per year


At SoM, musical growth is achieved through collaboration with our talented teaching artist team


Students explore their creativity in a safe and supportive environment


SoM gives you long term connection that nurtures trust and personal development


This is a place where young people develop the confidence they need to pursue goals and overcome challenges

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The Sarah McLachlan School of Music’s program provides an integrative mix of diverse skill sets and experience. Programs are offered for ages 0-5 years, elementary, high school and 55+. 

SoM provides high quality music education to under-served and at-risk youth, at no cost. It is our mandate to ensure that our limited program spaces are accessed by applicants whose lives would be most impacted by attending SoM.



The Sarah McLachlan School of Music provides high quality music lessons in conjunction with long term supportive mentorship from local teaching artists for at-risk and underserved children and youth in Vancouver, Surrey and Edmonton. The School of Music is a registered charity providing after-school music programming at no cost to over 1,000 students. The School teaches not only music, but also a broad range of life skills. Students grow musically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. They develop self-esteem, resilience, the ability to act responsibly and independently and learn the importance of being active, engaged community members. 

Our commitment to our donors is to ensure that every dollar raised supports the program. Since the School was founded, Sarah McLachlan has covered 100% of the administrative costs through her Foundation, so that all funds raised go directly to our students’ education - lessons and materials, in-class instruments, access to the instrument loan program, healthy snack program and transportation program.

We ask you to join our community, to help us provide innovative, adaptable music education to the students who are currently with us and for future students who would benefit from our after-school music program.

We know that our efforts are made possible because of the support we receive from our donors and we thank you for believing in our mission.