Edmonton Announcement 

We are excited to announce that a pilot program is currently underway in Edmonton. We are operating out of Rundle Elementary and Eastglen High School. Our limited spots are only offered to students currently attending these schools.

We hope to secure a permanent and independent site in Edmonton soon, where we can extend an invitation to all residents of Edmonton, in grades 3-12, to apply to our program. For the time being please continue to visit this site, where we will post regular updates on the progress of our programming in Edmonton. 

If you have any further enquiries please email info@sarahschoolofmusic.com.


Our Mission

To provide top quality music instruction at no cost, in a safe and nurturing environment, for at-risk and underserved children, youth, and adults.  

The Sarah McLachlan School of Music provides after-school music education at no cost to under-served and at risk populations living in Vancouver. Students aged 1 to 5, grades 4 through 12, and age 55+ receive high quality music instruction in both contemporary and classical traditions with no previous experience required. Each year we provide music education to hundreds of students through both our onsite and offsite programs that run from September through to July. 

We offer a diverse range of classes including music together, guitar, piano, percussion, choir, band ensemble, music and video production, DJing, beatboxing, electronic music production and ukulele choir. 

Our Model

Is based on five pillars...


We cultivate healthy relationships among students, staff and community partners.  We build a culture that is safe and inclusive, giving students a place to belong and to explore who they are.


Music allows students to develop a deeper relationship with themselves and the world around them. By strengthening these connections, students are equipped with the tools to fully realize their relationships with their peers and community.


Working together, with instructors, on their own, or with guest artists, we provide a culture that facilitates opportunities to collaborate and create with others.


We find innovative ways to support students in the process of artistic expression.  By participating in learning that is meaningful and transformative to them, students feel safe to express their unique vision of the world.


We provide a safe and reflective environment that encourages self-expression and the confidence to succeed.

Our Method

Our teaching methods are tailored to suit the particular learning needs of each student by providing them with a safe and nurturing learning environment. By developing an enriching and integrated program, we are able to build classes based on these needs thus helping students to reach their optimal learning state. Through our education model we hope that our students develop self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making skills and high achievement.