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Student Scholarship Circle
Student Scholarship Circle
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The Sarah McLachlan School of Music provides music education to underserved and at-risk youth at no cost. The school is dedicated to helping young people build community and find their voice.

Sarah's Story

Sarah_McLachlan_SOM-120w“When I was growing up, we had music in our schools. It was a given. These days many of these programs are not available. I don’t know what I would have done without music in my life when I was growing up. I was unpopular and picked on, but for me, music was my refuge and solace – the one thing I knew I was good at; it fed me and kept me going.”

- Sarah McLachlan

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Student Poem

I open the doors,
Climb the stairs,
See the mural
And smell the air.
Its laced with the scent
Of no particular tone,
My body relaxes,
It’s unique in its own.
As I walk through the halls,
All strings sound,
In all different frequencies,
That have yet to be found.
I see my friends,
And hear all their chatter,
Without hesitation,
I join in with their laughter.
I pick up my guitar,
My fingers find the strings,
They feel the vibrations,
As the instrument sings.
This is the place,
I'll never cease to love,
The place I'll go,
When I'm just about to lose it.
It will always be my home,
Away from home,
The Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

-By Emet Saltzman-Weniger

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Recent Videos

Prayer of St. Francis

Sarah McLachlan and students from The Sarah McLachlan School of Music come together this holiday season with the Prayer of St. Francis. Download a free copy of the song and support access to music for all children.

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Events and Performances

May 1st-May 3rd: Some Assembly Theatre Production: Dreamcatchers

Reserve now on the website to book tickets to this incredible play written and produced by students in the lower mainland, featuring original music by students at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. Admission is free but you need to reserve your tickets HERE.

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News and Partnerships

Sarah McLachlan School of Music hits high note with $300,000 donation from Sun Life Financial

VANCOUVER, BC – (October 6, 2014) – Thanks to a $300,000 donation from Sun Life Financial, the Sarah McLachlan School of Music (SoM) will continue helping underserved and at- risk youth gain access to world-class music programs at no cost. “Donations like Sun Life’s, allow our students – all 519… Read More

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