The Sarah McLachlan School of Music (SoM) provides high quality music education to under-served and at-risk youth, at no cost. It is our mandate to ensure that our limited program spaces are accessed by applicants whose lives would be most impacted by attending SoM.

To qualify for our program we require:

1) A reference from a community member to confirm that the applicant meets our criteria: References can be provided by a principal, teacher, coach, youth worker, school or family counselor, or other community professional (not related to the applicant), and will be contacted by our registration staff.

2) Applicants must be faced with one or more of the following situations:
A. The applicant has socio-economic barriers to accessing after-school music programs.
B. The applicant is vulnerable socially, academically or emotionally.
C. The applicant has a lack of supervision or care.

3) Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:
A. The applicant is within the required age of the program they are applying to.
B. The applicant lives within the City of Vancouver or is currently attending Forsyth Road Elementary in Surrey, BC.
C. The applicant does not require the assistance of a one-to-one support worker and is capable of functioning in a group setting without one. 

*Please note that applications are being accepted all year long. Applicants will be put on a waitlist and their applications will be processed based on the date their application was received. 

Please email or call 604-709-4415 if you require assistance filling out this form.