Student Performance


Class Description


Junior & Senior Choir

We currently have two Junior Choir groups (grade 4 to 7) and two Senior Choir groups (grade 8 to 12) with approximately 30 members in each. The Youth Choir performs from a variety of genres and styles.

Vocal Ensemble

The Vocal Ensemble is our performance ready group, made up of approximately 20 students from ages 13 to 17. Like the Youth Choir, their repertoire consists of a variety of works from varied genres. 

band ensemble

There are currently 4 band ensembles made up of about 5-6 students in each group who are enthusiastic about writing, collaborating, and being in a band. Their repertoire is made up of both covers and original songs the band members have selected. 


There are currently 5 Percussion classes for students ranged from ages 9 to 17. Each class is made up of roughly 8-10 student’s, who are experienced in a variety of percussion instruments and styles, ranging from hand percussion to marimbas and djembes. 

Solo performance

Each term we provide our student community with various opportunities to perform as solo musicians. It is in these performances that we see the true personality of our students as they shine through their own unique style and composition.

Technical Needs

Depending on the group that you choose, we ask that you/your organization provide the following backline:


Full tech support

Vocal mics

Acoustic Piano

Music Stand (can be provided by SoM)

Drum kit

Acoustic/electric guitars




Jen Rose: Director of Program Administration

Work: 604 709 4415 ext. 209   |     Cell: 604 729 3492