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SoM’s program provides an integrative mix of diverse skill sets and experience:

Instrument Instruction:

SoM offers aural and technical instruction on melodic/harmonic instruments including guitar (electric & acoustic), bass, piano, keyboards, mallet instruments, ukulele and voice as well as rhythm based hand percussion - i.e. djembes, congas, timbale, cajon, shakers etc. and drum kit. 

Music Technology Instruction:

SoM offers music technology instruction on Apple computers/iPads using software/hardware including Ableton Live, Novation Launchpads, Garageband, Logic X, Final Cut Pro, Roli Equator synthesis, turn tabling, beatboxing, recording and music video production. SoM has a full complement of equipment resources, i.e. microphones, audio interfaces, PAs and mixers.

Music Design Instruction:

SoM offers instruction in all facets of musical design including improvisation, both formal and informal, songwriting, composition and arranging, using written, aural and technology mediums.

Performance Instruction:

SoM offers instruction in all facets of performance including ensemble based contexts, choir, solo performance, voice/mic projection and technique as well as stage craft. 

Advanced Musical Studies: 

SoM offers advanced aural and technical instruction in all facets of contemporary theory, instrument technique and conceptual visioning.

Young Music Makers: 

Young Music Makers is an early childhood music and movement experience for children aged 6months to 6 years, and the adults who love them. Classes include singing, movement, chanting, and instrument play in an informal mixed-age environment.

Ukulele 55+: 

The mighty ukulele is taking the world by storm and it is turning up everywhere—including here at SoM! The Ukulele-Choir is open to adults who like to sing and play this fun and entertaining little instrument. Students over 55 years of age can learn to strum, pick, read music and learn theory basics while singing their heart out in a Choir setting. Every style and type of music is covered—from Nostalgia to the latest Pop, from Reggae to Rock. Always, the main emphasis is having fun while making music together. There are classes for every level--Absolute Beginners, Novice & Intermediates.